U. S. Steel – Mon Valley Works, Irvin Plant

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Due to availability, the tour will include only the Irvin Plant.

Mon Valley Works is an integrated steelmaking operation that includes four separate facilities: Clairton Plant, Edgar Thomson Plant, Irvin Plant and Fairless Plant (outside Philadelphia). Edgar Thomson Plant, located about 10 miles southeast of Pittsburgh in Braddock, Pa., USA, is where basic steel production takes place at Mon Valley Works. Steel slabs from the facility are sent by rail to the nearby Irvin Plant, where they are rolled into a number of different sheet products. Irvin Plant, located in West Mifflin, Pa., rolls and treats steel slabs produced at the Edgar Thomson Plant to meet customer specifications. Major sheet products manufactured at the Irvin Plant include hot-rolled, cold-rolled, and coated sheet in addition to products for special applications, such as embossed sheet, vitrenamel sheet and commercial bright sheet.