European Steel Forum

Federico Mazzolari

President of Italian Association Metallurgy; Arvedi Group

Federico Mazzolari is a marketing consultant for Finarvedi, the holding company of the Arvedi Group. He joined the Arvedi Group in 1975 and since that time has held various positions there in the technical, production and marketing areas, including serving as managing director and board member for various companies in the Arvedi group. While working in the Arvedi Group, he has been involved in the decision-making process related to the choice of plants and product development and is a member of the Steelmaking Commission of Federmanager. Since 2019, he has served as president of Associazione Italiana di Metallurgia (AIM), (Italian Metallurgical Association dedicated to spreading metallurgical knowledge in the metals sector). He graduated from Politecnico di Milano with a degree in mechanical engineering in 1969.