Past Events

Rod and Bar Rolling — A Practical Training Seminar

The second annual Rod and Bar Rolling Training Seminar was held on 27 February–1 March 2012 in Scottsdale, Ariz. There were 99 attendees, including 69 producer members representing 19 steel producers, with CMC Steel Arizona serving as the host plant. Alan Jackson, CMC Steel Arizona director of operations, was the keynote speaker, followed by Greg Moore, CMC Steel Arizona operations manager, who gave a brief overview of the plant’s history and operations. Bob Greuter, AIST Rod & Bar Rolling Technology Committee (RBRTC) education chair, provided the seminar introduction. Ty Hall and Dan Davies discussed, “Maintaining Reheat Furnaces.” Bill Posey presented the importance of work rolls. Bob Greuter then discussed the issues pertaining to contact water. Joe Kennedy, Tracy Schutz and Jim Petersen concluded the first day with a discussion on maintaining roll cartridges. An evening reception was well attended and provided networking opportunities.
The second day started with Scott Stebbing presenting, “Mill Spindles.” Steve Pegg followed, discussing mill motors and drive packages. Kevin Barbee covered, “Roll Passage and Wire Rod Utilization.” John Sadler gave a presentation on work roll pass slippage. Dave Wellington presented, “Maintaining Wire Rod Block.” The seminar concluded with Jacob Selzer, CMC Steel Arizona, presenting, “Quench and Temper: In-Line.” Bob Greuter thanked everyone in attendance and encouraged them to complete a seminar evaluation form. 

RBRTC presenters (left to right): Kevin Barbee, John Sadler, Bob Greuter, Tracy Schutz, Joe Kennedy, Jim Petersen, Dan Davies, Steve Pegg, Bill Posey and Paul Fleiner.
RBRTC presenters for day two of Rod and Bar Rolling — A Practical Training Seminar (left to right): Steve Pegg, Dave Wellington, Bob Greuter, John Sadler, Kevin Barbee and Scott Stebbing.
Ty Hall, RBRTC chair, and Larry Dalke, AIST Division V Board of Directors representative, present a plaque of appreciation to Alan Jackson, CMC Steel Arizona director of operations (center).