SteelGoNomics: Connecting the Dots

Wednesday, 2 February • 1–2 p.m. EST

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“SteelGoNomics: Connecting the Dots” — An Introduction to the Economic Drivers of the Steel Industry
Becky E. Hites, President, Steel-Insights LLC
This presentation will provide an overview and profile of the global and U.S. steel markets, an overview of U.S. economic drivers and how they relate to steel product consumption. A partial list of topics that will be discussed is given below:

  • A profile of the global steel industry
  • The production cycle of steel overall and by region
  • Global consumption of steel
  • Steel trade
  • Global steelmaking capacity, utilization and shipments
  • Largest steel-producing companies
  • U.S. steel market profile by mill type, product category and end market use
  • Leading economic indicators for the iron and steel industry
  • Connecting the economic indicators to the larger steel-consuming industries

The goal of this presentation is to leave AIST’s Young Professional audience with a greater understanding of the ”big picture” of the steel industry. We hope you take away a better understanding of how your personal job responsibility/role fits into the product life cycle and contributes to the betterment and growth of the industry as a whole. We also hope to leave you with resources to continue to remain ”in the know” regarding market changes as well as more confidence to discuss these developments and changes including how they affect your business with your colleagues and peers. This presentation is suitable for producers, suppliers and academics.
Becky E. Hites Bio:
Becky Hites is a global steel industry professional who has served as an equity analyst, project finance and mergers and acquisitions investment banker, cost modeling expert, industry trend macro and micro consultant, expert witness, and C-level strategic planning consultant. She was on the II All-American Research Team, Metals in 2001 and was on the team recognized by the Wall Street Journal for earnings accuracy for four consecutive years from 1993 to 1996. She started her company, Steel-Insights LLC, in 2012. She produces reports on the strength of the U.S. and global economies, the global steel cycle, U.S. mill profitability and utilization, and specific product market micro analysis. Hites has an economics degree from the State University of West Georgia and an M.B.A. from Georgia State University. She has been an AIST member for 24 years, has served on the Southeast Member Chapter committee for seven years, and she belongs to three AIST Technology Committees (Ironmaking, Direct Reduced Iron and Electric Steelmaking).
Moderator: Alex England, Strategic Account and Regional Sales Manager, Tokai Carbon GE LLC
Alex England Bio:
Alex England is a passionate steel industry professional with experience on projects throughout the steelmaking process. He started his career in England as a R&D engineer working on projects throughout the European steel industry. As his career progressed, he took an opportunity to relocate to the United States in 2017. Since then, he has held multiple technical and strategic sales roles and is most currently working with Tokai Carbon Graphite Electrodes. England holds a mechanical engineering degree from Sheffield Hallam University in England. He is currently a member of the AIST Young Professionals’ Steering Committee, Electric Steelmaking Technology Committee and an officer for the Globe-Trotters Member Chapter.
Organized by: AIST's Young Professionals’ Steering Committee