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Reuters: U. S. Steel to Partially Shut Hamilton, Ontario, Mill

10/30/2013 - United States Steel Corp said on Tuesday it will permanently shut down iron and steelmaking operations at its Hamilton, Ontario, mill at the end of this year, according to a Reuters report.
The integrated mill was idled in 2010, but the steelmaker had not ruled out restarting production if the market improved. Coke-making and steel finishing operations in Hamilton are not affected, said U.S. Steel spokeswoman Courtney Boone.
The decision is a blow to Hamilton, long the center of Canada's steel industry, which has been hit hard by plant closures over the last decade…

Chief executive Mario Longhi said the Hamilton closure, part of an initiative dubbed "Project Carnegie" after steel magnate Andrew Carnegie, would reduce costs by about US$50 million a year.
The change will also allow it to shut down two aging coke batteries at Gary Works in Indiana. The company will let some iron ore supply contracts expire in 2013 and 2014...

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