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ArcelorMittal's New €90 Million Continuous Annealing Line Starts Production in France

9/25/2013 - The new annealing line at ArcelorMittal’s Saint-Chély d’Apcher site in France, announced in 2012, started production on 20 September. The new production line, unique in Europe, will develop new high value-added electric steels for the automotive, energy and industrial electric motors markets.
To be used in appliances such as electric and hybrid cars and wind turbines that are required to meet strict environmental standards in terms of low energy consumption, the annealed products will be of the highest quality.
“After two years of hard work, the new production line will allow the site to continue developing and innovating in the ‘high-tech’ steel market, and to maintain and consolidate Saint-Chély d’Apcher’s worldwide reputation in this market. So far, 23,000 tonnes have already been produced, with many more to follow,” said Joao Felix da Silva, ArcelorMittal Méditérranée CEO, on 20 September when start of production was officially announced.
The new line required a total investment of €90 million and has a capacity of 120,000 tonnes per year.
The investment confirms and reinforces Saint-Chély d’Apcher’s position as a worldwide leader in the high-end electric steels market.
The new continuous annealing line will recover part of the annealing furnace’s energy, using it to supply the city’s heating network. The €90m investment was majority funded by the ArcelorMittal group which made a direct €60m investment with the remaining €30m added through cooperation with SELO – the ‘mixed economy company of Lozère’.
Saint-Chély d’Apcher is part of ArcelorMittal Méditerranée, and currently employs more than 200 people.