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Fives Bags Order for Galvanizing Line Upgrade

7/26/2019 - China’s Ma’anshan Iron & Steel Co. Ltd. has awarded Fives a turnkey contract to upgrade a continuous galvanizing line in the Anhui province.

As it is, the line is capable of producing 350,000 metric tons’ worth of zinc-coated sheet. The upgrade will allow it make zinc-aluminum-magnesium-coated products for the home appliances and construction markets.

Under the contract, Fives will design and supply a Stein horizontal furnace, modify the after-pot cooling tower and install a post-treatment section, which will be equipped with a new hot air dryer and air coolers.

Fives said part of the challenge will be to integrate the new furnace and heat recovery system into the existing line and to design the equipment to meet new coating requirements.

“Fives was a pioneer to design and supply processing lines to produce multi-coated galvanized high-end products, as well as color-coated products on a single line. This revamping project will be our second reference in just over six months for the same type of line,” said Olivier Grosse, sales director at Fives’ steel business unit. 

The revamped line is to be put back into service by the end of next year.