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Zekelman Industries Reveals Plans for US$150 Million Tube Mill 

5/7/2019 - Pipe and tube maker Zekelman Industries announced Tuesday that it will build what it describes as the world's largest continuous welded tube mill.  

In a statement, the company said the mill is being designed to produce hollow structural sections (HSS) at the larger end of the size range. To that end, the mill will produce square structural sections ranging from 8 inches to 22 inches with wall sizes ranging from 0.75 inch to 1 inch. 

It also will produce rectangular and round structural sections. The largest rectangular sections will be 34 inches by 10 inches with 1-inch walls, and the largest round sections will have diameters of 28 inches with 1-inch walls. 

The company said the new mill will increase the range of HSS sizes and shapes available to the North American market and will help grow the use of steel in non-residential construction.  

"Over the past few years, we have seen the increasing need for larger, domestically produced HSS in the bridge, transportation and building markets," said Tom Muth, president of Zekelman’s Atlas Tube division. 

“Also, HSS with thicker walls that meet the more stringent width-to-thickness ratio requirements of the AISC Seismic Provisions are in greater demand for lateral bracing systems."  

The mill is scheduled for start-up in September 2021.