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HBIS to Build H2-Based DRI Plant

11/25/2020 - China’s HBIS Group has contracted Tenova to build a hydrogen-based direct reduction plant, the company has said. 

According to Tenova, the plant, which will be China’s first gas-based reduction direct reduced iron (DRI) pant, will be capable of producing 600,000 metric tons annually. It will be designed to use gas with a 70% hydrogen concentration, Tenova said.  

“Due to the high amount of H2, the HBIS plant will be the greenest DRI plant in the world by producing only 250 kg of CO2 per ton of DRI. The carbon dioxide will be selectively recovered and part of it will be reutilized in downstream processes, with a final net emission of just about 125 kg of CO2 per ton,” Tenova said. 

Start-up is scheduled for the end of 2021.