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NLMK Group Partners With Gazprom Neft on Decarbonization

9/8/2021 - The steelmaker announced yesterday it has signed a memorandum of cooperation with one of Russia’s largest oil companies to work together on projects aimed at reducing climate footprint.

In a statement, NLMK said the projects will explore technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including those related to hydrogen steelmaking.
“We are happy to join forces with our partner Gazprom Neft on decarbonization,” Sergey Chebotarev, NLMK vice president for energy and the environment, said. “Our joint efforts in hydrogen energy development and carbon capture, utilization and storage will accelerate the introduction of new technologies for climate footprint reduction.”
NLMK Group has reduced its CO2 emissions by 4% over the last five years and is targeting an additional 3% reduction in the next two years.