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Showa Denko Enters Supply Partnership with EU Steel Producer

7/6/2022 - Electrode manufacturer Showa Denko Carbon has struck a strategic supply partnership with a German steelmaker for ultra-high-powered and ladle furnace electrodes. 

In a statement, Showa Denko said the partnership with Salzgitter Flachstahl will advance a relationship in place since 1996, when the company’s Peine facility was commissioned. 

Showa Denko said that as Salzgitter is reconfiguring its steelmaking as part of its Low-CO2 Steelmaking program, the requirements for ultra-high powered graphite electrodes are set to increase. Furthermore. Showa Denko has developed ΩMEGA, a European-made ladle furnace electrode that could displace an imported version of the product. 

“Showa Denko Group has positioned the idea of sustainability as the basis of our group’s management. The strategic supply partnership with Salzgitter is a tangible example of how we can co-create with other industry leaders and generate social value through innovation and business,” said Showa Denko chief executive Mako Takeda.