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 Mexico Member Chapter


Juan Carlos Rodrigues Goncalves
Ternium Mexico

Vice Chair
Carlos Garza

Edgar González
Quaker Chemical


Carlos Uribe
Melter S.A. de C.V.


Chapter Scholarship

View current and archived copies of the Cokemaking Technology Committee meeting minutes.  

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Student Chapter Contacts

Find out what Mexico universities are included in AIST’s worldwide network of student chapters.

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Get Involved

Make the choice to invest in your future and the future of steel by actively participating in the Mexico Chapter.

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Mexico Chapter Website

Learn more about the AIST Mexico Chapter and its products and services.

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Mexico Chapter Membership

Additional membership opportunities are available for individuals living in Mexico.

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Chapter History

Learn about the people and events that contributed to the establishment of AIST’s Mexico Member Chapter.

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New Chapter Members

View Members who have joined the Mexico Chapter in the last 30 days.

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