Students and Faculty

                           The AIST StEEL
                           Scholarship                            provided the  opportunity to intern at California Steel Industries. I am immensely grateful to AIST for helping to shape me as an engineer. As I explore my career opportunities, my relationship with AIST and my internship have made the steel industry a likely possibility.

 Trent Stewart
AIST StEEL Scholar
California Steel Industries


The AIST Foundation awards over US$700,000 annually in scholarships and grants, and offers a growing number of programs to help students and faculty become further involved in the iron and steel industry. Built on continual technical evolution and a worldwide network, the steel industry offers students and faculty many exciting opportunities.

For students, these opportunities include scholarships, internships, the Material Advantage program and the Steel to Students initiative. Steel to Students offers increased exposure to AIST programming, from local member chapter events to specialty training conferences and more.

The AIST Foundation also has a number of grants available to Faculty members interested in working closer with the steel industry.