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Mark Millett

president and chief executive officer, Steel Dynamics Inc.

Mark Millett assumed the position of president and chief executive officer of Steel Dynamics Inc. (SDI), effective 1 January 2012. One of the co-founders of Steel Dynamics, he has held a variety of senior management positions and has served on the board of directors since the inception of the company in 1993.
In August 2008, Millett was named executive vice president for Metals Recycling and Ferrous Resources, as well as president and chief operating officer of OmniSource Corp., the metals-recycling business SDI had acquired in late 2007. As OmniSource’s leader, he spearheaded the integration of OmniSource with Steel Dynamics, as well as managed the company’s ferrous and non-ferrous scrap operations. In addition, he led SDI ferrous technologies teams, creating and implementing both of SDI’s ironmaking initiatives — Iron Dynamics and Mesabi Nugget.
From 1998 to 2008, Millett was responsible for the company’s flat roll steel business, including the Flat Roll Division, the company’s first and largest division, and The Techs, which was acquired and successfully integrated into the company in 2007.
Prior to the formation of Steel Dynamics, Millett was employed by Nucor Corp. for 12 years, serving in key technical and management roles, including the design, construction, and operation of the melting and casting facility at the world’s first thin-slab flat roll mini-mill at Crawfordsville, Ind., USA. He left Nucor in 1993 to co-found SDI.
Millett earned a bachelor’s degree with honors in metallurgy from the University of Surrey, England.