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T.C. Graham Prize Entry Application

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(Note: Please be specific and include tonnage and grade (if known) for a given region, time span or population, e.g., “This application will utilize 4.5 million tons per year of stainless steel in the United States.”  Please provide some evidence or calculation to show how you derived the total demand figure.  If your application is displacing, replacing or improving other forms of steel, please clarify the net increase in steel demand.)
Entry Abstract
A written abstract is required with this entry form addressing the five criteria: Practicality, Performance, Marketability, Sustainability, and Increased Demand for steel.  Abstract pages should be numbered. Applications are treated confidentially. Entrants agree to be identified and promoted by AIST in various media outlets, including but not limited to AIST.org and Iron & Steel Technology magazine in the marketing of the T.C. Graham Prize, and in external communications about the award and the winners. Official entry is made on the AIST website by submitting this completed form, and uploading the corresponding abstract.  Abstracts should be uploaded as a Microsoft Word document or PDF file, with the file name as the first initial and last name of the applicant filling out this form (IE: Applicant’s name is John Smith, file name should be “jsmith”).  The contest application consists of this completed form, accompanied by up to two (2) typed pages comprising a descriptive abstract. Abstracts will be reviewed by a committee of AIST members.

Deadline to submit this application is 15 July 2019.

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