About AIST

Rules and Guidelines

Who Should Enter

Any individual or group of individuals (maximum four people) with an innovative idea for a new application of steel is encouraged to enter the contest. The winning entry will receive a US$20,000 cash prize.

Entry Applications

The entry application consists of a typed abstract not to exceed two (2) pages in length, uploaded to the AIST website, along with the completed entry application form.

The abstract should articulate fulfillment of the following evaluation criteria:

  • Demand - Does the application have the likelihood to generate viable market demand for steel?

  • Practicality – Does your steel application have a practical use in society?
  • Performance – Will your steel application perform better than other materials?

  • Marketability – Is your steel application Innovative? Does it have broad appeal?

  • Sustainability – The abstract should address sustainability initiatives relative to profitability, energy intensity, safety, environmental impact and overall life-cycle assessment.

Deadline to enter the competition is 30 June 2022.

►Official Entry Form
Submissions will be evaluated in accordance with the official T.C. Graham Prize Terms and Conditions.