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03 - 07 Feb 2020
Modern Electric Furnace Steelmaking — A Practical Training Seminar

Covers safety, the basics of electrical and mechanical features of electric arc furnaces, refractories, and the role of raw materials. 

Technology Training Oregon AIST Electric Steelmaking Technology Committee
11 - 13 Feb 2020
Long Products Rolling – A Practical Training Seminar

The primary focus is on the process and equipment customarily found in the rolling mill building. 

Technology Training Florida AIST Long Products Rolling Technology Committee
01 - 05 Mar 2020
Cold Rolling Fundamentals – A Practical Training Seminar

Covers fundamentals, equipment, rolling theory, control, threading, rolls, lubrication, measurement, safety and new technology.

Technology Training South Carolina AIST Cold Sheet Rolling Technology Committee
02 - 04 Mar 2020
Scrap Supplements & Alternative Ironmaking 8

The conference will focus on successful projects, the challenges of struggling processes, new approaches and the use of the reduced iron products

Technology Training Florida AIST Direct Reduced Iron Technology Committee
10 - 11 Mar 2020
The Making, Shaping and Treating of Steel: 101

The making, shaping, and treating of steel are critical to product design, application, cost and performance. 

Technology Training Virginia AIST
16 - 18 Mar 2020
Digital Transformation Forum for the Steel Industry

Digital Transformation is a critical component for steel companies’ future success. 

Technology Training Pennsylvania AIST’s Electrical Applications/Sensors Subcommittee and Computer Applications Technology Committees.
07 - 09 Jun 2020
27th Crane Symposium

The symposium will deliver practical information and experiences from crane maintenance personnel, crane manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and engineering consultants who strive to make electric overhead traveling (EOT) cranes and their runways the safest, most reliable, durable machinery and equipment in the industry.

Technology Training Pennsylvania AIST Cranes Technology Committee
15 - 17 Sep 2020
Maintenance Solutions

Hands-on instruction, tools, and the best technologies for mechanical, electrical, lubrication, hydraulics, management system maintenance and reliability solutions.

Technology Training Texas AIST Maintenance and Reliability and Lubrication and Hydraulics Technology Committees
06 - 08 Oct 2020
Secondary Steelmaking Refractories – A Practical Training Seminar

Secondary steelmaking refractory maintenance is vital to both productivity and safety in a meltshop and caster. 

Technology Training Tennessee AIST Ladle and Secondary Refining and Refractory Systems Technology Committees