AISTech 2022 Booth Assignment Procedure

AIST Priority Assignment List is compiled based on the previous three (3) years:

  • Show participation/Booth Size

  • Advertising dollars spent

  • Sponsorship dollars spent – including AIST Foundation pledges

  • AIST technical education engagement and support

Customers #1 - #100 will be offered assignment prior to 31 July 2021

Customers >#100 will be assigned according to the following:

  • Starting in August 2021, customers will be contacted in incremental groups according to our priority list

  • You will be provided a date and time when you can login and access the Live 2022 Floor Plan

  • You must reserve space within your assigned window of time in order to take advantage of your priority booth selection

  • When your window of time expires, you can still reserve space, however the next grouping will gain access to the floor plan

  • Once all customers on the AIST Priority Assignment List are contacted, the floor plan will be opened up for general sales on a first-come, first-served basis.

For additional information, contact your sales representative at +1.724.814.3000 or email