Scams Targeting AIST Members

Throughout the years, AIST has been a target of groups trying to offer all types of services from fictitious hotel arrangements to fraudulent lead generation services.

AIST Attendee List Rules

AIST does not sell, rent, or distribute any database lists, nor do we disclose email addresses. Statements claiming to offer these attendee lists are fraudulent. If you receive a message from a source outside of AIST, please do not interact with them. Valid AIST emails will include “Email ID Text”

Approved AIST Housing Vendors

All AIST approved housing vendors will be clearly noted on the AIST event website. Any solicitation coming from housing companies for room reservations at our hotels is a scam. Please delete the email immediately and do not interact with the sender.

Scams Targeting Member Chapter Officers

Fraudulent solicitations for bank account information are being sent to AIST Member Chapter officers. Often times the request is generated from a fictitious email account from an individual posing as another chapter officer. Be vigilant - double check email addresses and contact your fellow officer personally if there is any doubt.

Unauthorized Service Providers

As an exhibitor, you may be contacted by unauthorized service providers for audiovisual, carpet, exhibitor directory listing, etc. — who claim to be affiliated with AIST. These solicitations may appear to provide cost savings; however, the rates listed could be misleading and, in some cases, the vendor may not be a credible supplier.

Reported Unauthorized Providers:>
Christine Gregory
Charlotte Megan
Jessica James
Jacqueline Smith
Addy son
Susan Bradbury
Andrea Tyler
Paul Brown
Sarah Farmer
Lorrie Wilson
Alesha Dixon>
Helena Stanford 
Perla Bennett
Ruth James
Alesha Dixon -
ReservationTeam –
Suzanne Brewster –
Fred Reckus – 603.399.5048
Susan Brenton –
Square Space –
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Chronicle List –
Mulber –
All County Tech –
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Black Mtn Group LLC. –
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Xyntac –
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Events Prospect –
Think Belong –
XpoSolutions –
Tech it Leads –
Liberty Tradeshow Logistics  –
Sky Ridge Financing –
B2B Prolist –
Delaware Marketing Group –
Global Data Arc –
Global Expo –
Zest Media Providers –
Micro Info Directory –
Events Pro Leads –
Global Tech Leads –
New York Bean,LLC –
Ocean Micro Hub –
B2B Techno USA –
Ravbina -
Trade Show Leads -
Bags Icon -
My Deal Here -
Infor Digital Media Zone -   
Bright Leads Direct -
Prospex -
Global Rest Media -
Find it Users -
Procure Marketing Leads -
Target Events -
Premium and Promo -
Pro Attendee Data - (Veronica Spencer)
Fortune Database – (Kristen Brown)
Attendees2  – (Rebecca Pearson)
TPI  –; (800) 714-7169
Black Marketing Group – (Robert Babineau)
Invictus Sciences –
John Garick —
Maria Gordan —
Amelia Baker  —
David Cameron —
Elegent Housing —
ATA Travel Agency
Otrix Housing Service —
Show Data Recovery —
Client Hub Solution
Datasnap Solutions Inc.
Ron Davis —
Doris William —,
Johnnie Shelton —
Andrea Collins —
Brandon Powell  —
Joe Grace —
Elizabeth Jones —
James Williams —
George Law –
Samantha Ferrer —
Joanna Marshall —
Emma Johnson —
Katina Carter —
Kevin Miller —
Jessica Pierce —
Mary Parker —
Cathryn Grant —
Amanda Lee —
Barry Allan —
Ann Gueffier —
Debby Valentine —
Allison Mikaniewicz —
Sarah James —
Jennifer Clark —
Michael Pilla —
Casey Lee —
Mia Irwin —
Justin James —
Jessica Joseph —
Jannette Griffin —
Susan Jones —
Housing Scammer —(705) 542-7002.
Kim Vicky —
Dina Grice —
Denver Dickey —
Samantha Back —
Glenn Menard —
Dayana Phillips —
Roman Hayes —
Dina Grice —
Christy Whitton —
Isabelle Haynes —
Alison Gray  —
Debbi Rowe  —
Larry White —
Zoe Williams  —
Catherine Gates  —
Clara Lewis —
Sebastian Hayes —
Kristin Peck —
Christy Whitton —
Sophie May —
Meghan Farej —
Liza Horwath —
Andrea Lujan —
Ruby Vanallen <>
Genesis Lucy <>
Reservation Team <> 
Willie Scott <>
Sharon Heer <>
Anna Dorothy
Jody Harmom —
Karen Walker -
Nikki Dills -
Tom Peterson -
Gloria Smith <>
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Sara James
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Ron Mills -
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Alina Scott <>
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