Town Hall Forum

Wednesday, 10 May • 10 a.m.–Noon •
Karl F. Dean Grand Ballroom

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The Town Hall Forum provides an insider’s view into today’s steel industry from the people who know: a panel of respected leaders from some of the industry’s best-regarded companies. The Town Hall Forum’s moderated discussion format will explore a variety of key opportunities and concerns impacting everyone involved in the steel community.


The 2017 Town Hall Panelists

John L. Brett

James E. Bruno

Theodore F. Lyon

Randy C. Skagen

Barbara R. Smith

Town Hall Forum Chair

director – global business and technology development, Iron & Steel, Hatch Associates Inc.


money and politics editor, KDKA, CBS affiliate


2017: Steel in the Age of President Trump

Steelmakers entered the year with the winds of optimism at their backs. Stocks and selling prices were up, demand was steady, and a U.S. president who repeatedly promised to support American manufacturing was taking office. But markets are fickle, and this president is like none other in history. We’ll explore the promises and the peril of the Donald J. Trump administration, along with other key topics, during the AISTech 2017 Town Hall.

Trade Policy

  • Is the situation with global excess steel capacity getting better or worse?

  • What does the future hold for the North American Free Trade Agreement?

  • What changes to the regulatory environment are needed to restore equitable trade?

  • Is a trade war inevitable?

Workforce Development

  • Is the next generation ready to assume leadership roles in the steel industry?

  • What steps have your company taken to retain know-how in this age of looming retirements? 

  • Are steelmakers ready for Generation Z?

Growth Markets

  • How will new direct reduction plants operating in North America impact the market?

  • Automobiles, construction and the energy sector: which markets will succeed in 2017?

  • With growing demand for AHSS, is your company working to advance the technology further? 

  • To what degree will new sheet and bar capacity unbalance the markets?

  • How can President Trump deliver on his promise to accelerate the economy?

The Town Hall Forum is open to all exhibitors, students, full conference registrants and one-day registrants for Wednesday, 10 May 2017.