Lee Morgan

President and Co-Owner 

Lee Morgan is president and co-owner of The Systems Group. He graduated from South Dakota State University with a degree in mechanical engineering, and started his career as an engineer building technical expertise and experience before transitioning into leadership roles. Before joining Systems, Morgan was president of Camfil APC in Jonesboro, Ark., USA. He transitioned what was a small division of 34 employees into a team that created an industry-changing product and took the company from US$5 million in sales in 2001 to US$120 million in 2014. Before leaving Camfil APC, he oversaw five factories in five countries with salesmen working in 32 countries. He and the team at Camfil APC reinvented the dust collector to ship fast and remain customizable, while making it maintenance friendly. Morgan has 11 patents centered around air pollution control systems. Since partnering with Chuck and Mike Hays at Systems in 2015, his focus has been bringing solutions to the steel industry. In 1999, Systems acquired the Spray-Cooled furnace cooling technology and has received 50 additional global patents on spray cooling, with Morgan continuing to take this technology globally to more than 90 steel mills in 20 countries. In Systems’ Contracting Division, Morgan has been on the forefront of helping steel mills complete capital expansion projects as well as greenfield installations across the country.