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The SuperBooth is comprised of solution-oriented companies committed to best-in-class quality and customer service within our specific fields of expertise.

Our individual company strengths include data diagnostic systems and services, equipment alignment and asset monitoring, custom bearing solutions, fastener technology and installation, lubrication suppliers, systems and solutions, equipment management, roll manufacturing and refurbishment, and hydraulic solutions. The SuperBooth’s central location at AISTech provides attendees a single, solutions-focused location that covers multiple components of a unique and challenging industry.

Maximize your time and investment – come see us at the SuperBooth!

We are experts in the field of Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) and Predictive Maintenance (PdM). We are dedicated to helping our customers achieve optimal efficiency, increased quality, enhanced safety and maximum profitability. Learn More 

Our superior air-oil system technology allows volumetric oil into air injection on every single bearing in your plant.  Unlike “splitters”, it guarantees each lubrication point will get the EXACT lubricant volume regardless of bearing back pressure, air pressure, temperature and oil viscosity. Learn More

We are a global leader in water management and water technologies, including chemicals and services. With a Total Water Management approach utilizing chemical and digital solutions and engineering services, our goal is to enable mills to achieve highest levels of productivity and efficiency of their operations. Our Total Cost of Operations (TCO) value model enables mills to be competitive in the market place by lowering cost per ton of steel produced. Our business model drives high operational performance of our customers processes while producing steel at an optimized cost. Learn More

Solving metal clients' problems across the globe for over 50 years is our focus. As the largest domestic supplier of experienced industrial surveyors, teamed with in-house architects and engineers, We have the skills and depth of knowledge to create a "Problem Solved" solution. Learn More

At our fully equipped facility in Gary, Indiana, trained technicians use the latest equipment to make fast, accurate repairs on your caster segments. With Caster Maintenance Company, you can expect on-time, quality work...We guarantee it! Learn More

We are at the forefront of synthetic lubrication technology. We continue to create, deliver, and technically support high-performance solutions that extend equipment life, reduce operating expense and help protect the environment. Learn More

Our customers receive lower cost, increased performance, and longer belt life. We are selective in our Conveyor Belt Brands, vigilant in our commitment to service, and offer fair pricing that still allows us to grow but at the same time deliver a lower acquisition target for our customer. Learn More

Founded in 2006, we have grown to be the go to source for Large, Giant and Specialty Bearings as well as custom application needs for Industry in North America. We take pride in every solution we provide. Learn More          

We utilize the latest technology in bearing steel and heat treat processes. Our bearings are proven to survive longer in applications where traditional bearings fail. Learn More          

We provide top notch quality service across the metal working industry. Our in-house trucking provides round the clock services to help with any daily or emergency requirements. Lifting capabilities up to 80 tons enables us to service the large work as well as the smaller requirements that you may have. Learn More

Opta Group has combined our product knowledge with the teams at Affival and ESM to become the world leader in iron desulfurization and cored wire products. We also offer high-quality slag conditioners, tundish fluxes, nozzle sands, and ladle insulators. Opta has the products and expertise to help with all of your metallurgical needs, providing you with optimal performance from tap to cast. Learn More

We provide market leading roll refurbishment solutions resulting in reduced cost and improved product life for pinch rolls, wrapper rolls, caster rolls, deflector rolls and table rolls.  Ask about our turnkey solutions which include custom welding processes, roll tracking software, technical support, inventory management and assembly services. Learn More 

With more than 250 installations worldwide, United States Controls is the leader in the design and manufacture of selective spray bar cooling systems for rolling mills. Unlike other spray bar manufacturers, USC’s innovative modular design and self-cleaning valve technology offer mill operators improved performance and reliability making them the preferred choice for both new and retrofit installations around the world. Learn More

Alloy Engineering manufactures high-temperature and corrosion-resistant alloy products including: Radiant Tubes, Recuperator Tube Bundles, Pickling Hooks, Furnace Rolls, Inner Covers & Fans. Learn More

EMPCO specializes in Complete FEA Engineering and Manufacturing of EAF and LMF steelmaking equipment.

Our Products include:
  • World-first UNIGATE™ Sealed Slag-control Door system
  • AUTO-REACT™ magnetically-shielded co-planar Electrode Arms
  • VERTICON™ Horizontal Scrap Charging
  • SSR™ Self-Supporting Roof: light weight -- NO Spider!
  • INCONEL-coated 4x longer-life Ductwork
  • HOT™ Horizontal Oriented Tapping system
  • UNILANCE™ mobile high-power Burner/Lance up to 40 MW
  • OMNIVALVE™ Automatic Panel Water Control
  • SCORPIO™ Temperature/Sample sidewall Probe
  • CuReCopper + TURBOCOOL™ panels
  • Ladle TURRET of Modular-design with Accurate Weighing System