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The SuperBooth is comprised of solution-oriented companies committed to best-in-class quality and customer service within our specific fields of expertise.

Our individual company strengths include data diagnostic systems and services, equipment alignment and asset monitoring, custom bearing solutions, fastener technology and installation, lubrication suppliers, systems and solutions, equipment management, roll manufacturing and refurbishment, and hydraulic solutions. The SuperBooth’s central location at AISTech provides attendees a single, solutions-focused location that covers multiple components of a unique and challenging industry.

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We are experts in the field of Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) and Predictive Maintenance (PdM). We are dedicated to helping our customers achieve optimal efficiency, increased quality, enhanced safety and maximum profitability. Learn More 

When it comes to providing the simplest most affordable and efficient lubrication systems, no one does it like DropsA USA. Since 1946, our company has been pioneering the way in new lubrication technologies and innovations across every industry. This knowledge has provided our customers with industrial lubrication products that maximize machinery's potential while increasing the lifespan of tools, bearings, and many other industrial applications
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Nalco Water is a global leader in water management and water technologies, including chemicals and services. With a Total Water Management approach utilizing chemical and digital solutions and engineering services, our goal is to enable mills to achieve the highest levels of productivity and efficiency of their operations. Our Total Cost of Operations (TCO) value model enables mills to be competitive in the marketplace by lowering cost per ton of steel produced. Our business model drives high operational performance of our customers' processes while producing steel at an optimized cost. Learn More

Solving metal clients' problems across the globe for over 50 years is our focus. As the largest domestic supplier of experienced industrial surveyors, teamed with engineers and designers who know steel, we have the skills and depth of knowledge to create a "Problem Solved" solution.
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Booth co-exhibitor:  Kocsis USA

At our fully equipped facility in Gary, Indiana, trained technicians use the latest equipment to make fast, accurate repairs on your caster segments. With Caster Maintenance Company, you can expect on-time, quality work...We guarantee it! Learn More

We are at the forefront of synthetic lubrication technology. We continue to create, deliver, and technically support high-performance solutions that extend equipment life, reduce operating expense and help protect the environment. Learn More

We utilize the latest technology in bearing steel and heat treat processes. Our bearings are proven to survive longer in applications where traditional bearings fail. Learn More          

We provide top notch quality service across the metal working industry. Our in-house trucking provides round the clock services to help with any daily or emergency requirements. Lifting capabilities up to 80 tons enables us to service the large work as well as the smaller requirements that you may have. Learn More

With more than 250 installations worldwide, United States Controls is the leader in the design and manufacture of selective spray bar cooling systems for rolling mills. Unlike other spray bar manufacturers, USC’s innovative modular design and self-cleaning valve technology offer mill operators improved performance and reliability making them the preferred choice for both new and retrofit installations around the world. Learn More

Alloy Engineering manufactures high-temperature and corrosion-resistant alloy products including: Radiant Tubes, Recuperator Tube Bundles, Pickling Hooks, Furnace Rolls, Inner Covers & Fans. Learn More

EMPCO specializes in Complete FEA Engineering and Manufacturing of EAF and LMF steelmaking equipment. Learn More

Brilex Industries serves as a one-stop shop for build-to-print manufacturing, including, but not limited to, fabricating, machining, assembly, roll forming and repairs/rebuilds. Brilex features three diverse facilities and over 300,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space with a crane capacity that exceeds 100 tons. As the exclusive engineering partner of Brilex Industries Inc., Brilex Technical Solutions (BTS) is your go-to source for all engineering related needs. BTS’ material handling product line has over 30 years of experience in designing and building a full spectrum of mill equipment and safe handling systems, backed by a library of references, a demonstrated history of on-time and cost-effective performance, and customer testimonials for both integrated and mini-mill applications. Our experienced workforce, quality craftsmanship, state-of-the-art equipment and fully equipped facilities can meet your needs from small single parts to major complex machines. The status of being a “Partner of Choice” has been earned through our focus on personal service, trust, fairness, quality and on-time delivery. Learn More

Taylor-Winfield Technologies' welders join tomorrow's steel today! PROVEN processes for joining AHSS, UHSS, Silicon Steel, Stainless Steel and other steel grades. Taylor-Winfield has a long and substantial history of providing the highest quality coil joining welding machines to the metals processing industry. Our new Eclipse X1 solid-state fiber laser welder is no exception. The development of this machine evolved from our vast experience manufacturing coil joining welders and the shortcomings we have seen from laser welding machines on the current market. Other coil joining welding machines include: resistance seam, spot, flash butt and ARC welding. We also offer post weld heat treatment (PWHT), upgrades and worldwide field service to optimize welder performance and extend the life of existing machines. Learn  More