Automotive Steel Int'l Conf.

Automotive Steel International Conference

Call for Abstracts

9–12 March 2025 • Orlando, FL, USA

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We are seeking presentations for the 3rd AIST Automotive Steel International Conference on the following topics listed below. Interested speakers should submit abstracts of 300 words or less by 1 July 2024.

Automotive Steel International Conference Topics 2025

  • Advanced Automotive Steels

  • Sustainability and Decarbonization in Steel Production

  • Steel Refining, Inclusion Engineering and Casting

  • Smart Production, Artificial Intelligence and Modeling

  • Manufacturability: Hot Rolling, Pickling, Cold Rolling and Annealing

  • Hot and Cold Stamping

  • Advances in Metallic Coatings Process Engineering

  • Advances in Surface Engineering and Corrosion Performance

  • Welding, Joining and Liquid Metal Embrittlement

  • Hydrogen Embrittlement

  • Steel Components and Performance in Vehicles