Automotive Steel Int'l Conf.

Automotive Steel International Conference

International Advisory Board

9–12 March 2025 • Orlando, FL, USA

Viraj Athavale, Metallurgist, Nucor Steel Memphis Inc., USA

Paul Belanger, R&D Director, North American R&D Center, Gestamp North America, USA

Kevin J. Bertermann, Vice President of Sales & Marketing – North America, Fives ST Corp., USA

Constantin Chiriac, Technical Specialist, Research and Advanced Engineering, Ford Motor Co., USA

Emmanuel De Moor, Professor, Advanced Steel Process and Product Research Center, Colorado School of Mines, USA

Jules Diawara, Staff Supplier Industrialization Engineer, Raw Materials, Tesla Motors, USA

Han Dong, Professor, Shanghai University, China

Henrique Lacerda Eleutério, Senior Researcher – Research and Development Center, Brazil

Dongwei Fan, Scientist, ArcelorMittal USA Research LLC, USA

Peter Gandy, Technical Director, Process Integrations Pty Ltd., Australia

Omar Garcia, R&D Senior Manager, Metallurgical Department, Ternium, Mexico

Frank Goodwin, Consultant, Technology and Market Development, International Zinc Association, USA

Tae-Woo Kwon, Vice President, Hyundai Steel Co., South Korea

Weston Lawson, Manager – Metals & Materials Strategy, Nissan Technical Center North America, USA

Suk-Jin Lee, Senior Research Engineer, Hyundai Steel Co., South Korea

Haiwen Luo, Professor, University of Science and Technology Beijing, China

Matthias Militzer, Professor and Director, Centre for Metallurgical Process Engineering, The University of British Columbia, Canada

Hardy Mohrbacher, Consultant and Advisor, NiobelCon BV, Belgium

Yasunobu Nagataki, Fellow, Steel Research Laboratory , JFE Steel Corp., Japan

Janine Odell, Manager, Materials Research Division, Honda Development and Manufacturing of America, Automotive Development Center, USA

Jin Keun Oh, Research Fellow, POSCO, South Korea

Ronald O’Malley, Professor and Director, Peaslee Steel Manufacturing Research Center, Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA

Pello Uranga, Associate Director, Materials and Manufacturing Division, CEIT Research Institute, Spain

Sriram Sadagopan, R&D Group Manager, Applications Technology, ArcelorMittal, USA

Ming Shi, Lead Materials Engineer, Body Structures and Closures, General Motors, USA

Igor Vieira, Product Development Metallurgist, Nucor Steel–Arkansas, USA

Li Wang, Chief Engineering Scientist, R&D Institute, Baosteel Iron & Steel Co., China