AIST University & Industry Relations: SUSU Research Center for the Development of Digitalization

Professor, Dr. Leonid Sokolinskiy – Vice-Rector for Informatization of South Ural State University.

Report summary:

The report describes South Ural State University’s competencies in the development of Industry 4.0 technologies using the example of University interaction with leading metallurgical enterprises – SMS Group and MMK (PJSC (PAO) Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works). The main highlighted areas are development of digital industry technologies, including diagnostics and life prediction of metallurgical equipment; data mining systems; forecasting of trends in equipment damage; development of intelligent and self-validating sensors, physical parameters sensors, smart temperature-measuring transducers and wireless sensors for equipment units’ diagnostics.

In this project South Ural State University develops intellectual analysis and monitoring system which forecasts damage trends of PJSC (PAO) MMK equipment for preventing its sudden failures, as well as for the reasonable resource planning, and maintenance and repair schedules. SUSU also develops digital twins of turbine power plants, automatic recognition and classification system of flat products’ defects based on machine learning. The second direction aims at improving ecological state of the region by developing technologies that use intelligent power management of industrial enterprises based on environmental monitoring data to minimize air pollution without loss of productivity. In this area SUSU develops a system dependent on actual and forecasted production capacity to visualize and forecast the state of the environment in real-time.