European Steel Forum

Schedule of Events

23–25 October 2019 • University of Leoben, Leoben • Austria

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Wednesday, 23 October 2019 

Falkensteiner Hotel

Joint Meeting: International Iron Metallics Association (IIMA) Direct Reduced Iron Committee / Association for Iron & Steel Technology (AIST) Direct Reduced Iron Technology Committee
Meeting Room TBD


(Invite Only)                

Developing the Future Steel Workforce
Meeting Room TBD


Future Steel Workforce Panel

Shared perspectives on regional concerns for sustaining a pipeline of scientists and engineers including ideas on recruitment and diversity


AIST John F. Elliot Lecture

Larry Heaslip, Technical Director, Interflow Techserv Inc


Ronald O’Malley, F. Kenneth Iverson Chair, Professor & Director PSMRC at Missouri S&T and 2019–2020 AIST President


Welcome Reception

Thursday, 24 October 2019 

University of Leoben, Aula Room





Dr. Harald Holzgruber, CEO, President and Managing Director, INTECO and Ronald Ashburn, Executive Director, AIST


Industry Leader Panel 

This moderated discussion on the issues driving the steel economy will feature industry executives sharing perspectives from North America and Europe. The panel will debate the effects of recent consolidations and capital investments, the growing deployment of Industry 4.0 technologies and the efforts to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint.


  • Moderator: Ronald Ashburn, Executive Director, AIST (confirmed)

  • Carl DeMare, Vice President Technology Strategy, ArcelorMittal (confirmed)

  • Barry Schneider, Senior Vice President, Flat Roll Steel, Steel Dynamics, Inc. (confirmed)

  • James Bruno, President, U. S. Steel Kosice, S.r.o. (tentatively confirmed)

  • Ugur Dalbeler, CEO, Colakoglu (confirmed)

  • Nucor Corporation (invited)

  • ThyssenKrupp (invited)




CO2-free Steelmaking: Status and Further Developments

The dream of CO2-free steelmaking has started to become reality although mass production still remains a vision. At the 2018 AIST European Steel Forum, Hybrit/SSAB, K1Met/VA, Sandvik and Tenova outlined their strategy and path to the industrialization of their process.  Recently, Salzgitter (SALCOS), ArcelorMittal (Stellanol) and ThyssenKrupp (ChemtoCarbon) have announced similar initiatives to reduce or capture and convert CO2 generated from the steelmaking process.  In this year’s panel session, the panelists will present recent developments in the established and the new CO2-free ironmaking processes followed by a Question and Answer discussion. 


  • Moderator: Professor Johannes Schenk, Head of Metallurgy, University of Leoben and Board Member, K1met (confirmed)

  • ArcelorMittal (confirmed)

  • K1-MET GmbH (confirmed)

  • SSAB/Hybrid (confirmed)

  • ThyssenKrupp (invited)

  • Salzgitter (invited)

  • Sandvik Materials Technology (invited)


Iron feedstock for efficient steelmaking; comparing ore based metallics and scrap

Steelmakers continue to use a greater variety of iron units in both steel production routes (integrated and mini-mills). Main options are blast-furnace hot-metal, gas or coal based DRI/HBI and scrap which can significantly differ from process to process and country to country. Understanding the value, quality evolution and market dynamics of the iron feedstock can be vital to producers as it is usually the largest cost in steelmaking. This session will focus on understanding strategies and the latest developments for creating the most efficient mix of ore based metallics and or scrap in steel production.


  • Moderator: José Noldin, Director Steel Applications, Lhoist (confirmed)

  • K1-MET GmbH (confirmed)

  • International Metallics Association (confirmed)

  • Steve Potter, Global Director – Strategy, Vale & Chairman LeafIron (confirmed)

  • Baris Ciftci, Head, Raw Materials Markets, World Steel Association (confirmed)




Making Steel Safer: Achieving an Accident-Free Workplace Through Robotics

Over the years steelmakers have focused their efforts to reduce accident ratio by improving safety management, exchanging best practices and using the most appropriate PPE available on the market; nevertheless most of the activities are still performed manually by operators on the shop floor with direct exposure to harsh environment and dangers. In order to achieve a Zero accident working environment, some producers have introduced different technologies and robotic applications. This session will focus on the evolution of robotics in the steel industry starting from the challenges of the first applications ten years ago to more recent solutions and future developments.


  • Moderator: Gianluca Maccani, CEO, BMGroupUSA (confirmed)

  • Mr. Angelo Lugnan, EVP of instrumentation and robotics, Danieli Automation (confirmed)

  • Michele Vezzola, VP Robotics, BM Group (confirmed)

  • Dr. Martin Hirschmanner, Vice President Mechatronics, Primetals Technologies Austria GmbH (confirmed)

  • Patrick Hansert, Executive Vice President Americas, Badische Stahl Engineering GmbH (confirmed)




Innovation in Plant Design

Steel industry capital investment is driven by the never-ending quest for improved efficiency, greater economic returns and enhanced environmental performance. Representatives from several of the leading steel OEMs will showcase some of their latest innovations and discuss how their solutions are helping steelmakers improve their operational performance. Their presentations will be followed by a question and answer session.


  • Moderator: Mauro Bianchi Ferri, Managing Director, Acciarium

  • Dr. Harald Holzgruber, CEO, President and Managing Director, INTECO (confirmed)

  • Rolando Paolone, EVP R&D, Danieli & C. SpA (confirmed)

  • Michael Rzepczyk, Member of the Managing Board, COO, SMS group GmbH (confirmed)

  • Dr. Thomas Pfatschbacher, VP Casting, ESP, Digitalization, Primetals Technologies (confirmed)

  • Roberto Pancaldi, CEO, Tenova Metals (confirmed)


Gala Dinner: Falkensteiner Hotel

Friday, 25 October 2019


Plant Tours: TBD