European Steel Forum

Michael Grant

Global Technology Director, International Senior Expert, Steel Production, Air Liquide Global Management Services GmbH

After completing his bachelor’s and master’s of applied science degrees in metallurgical engineering at the University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada), Mike Grant started his career in 1988 working in ironmaking for Inland Steel Co. (East Chicago, Ind., USA) as a blast furnace process engineer. In 1997, he joined Air Liquide to develop and commission burner and oxygen injection systems for electric arc furnaces (EAFs). In 2001, when Air Liquide purchased American Combustion (ACI), he began working for ACI designing and commissioning oxygen injection systems for EAFs. Since joining Air Liquide, he has designed, successfully commissioned and optimized more than 30 EAFs worldwide. In 2007, he was transferred to Air Liquide Research Labs just outside Paris to work on EAF and blast furnace topics — most notably the European Commission ULCOS project (Ultra Low CO2 Steelmaking) where he was on the European team developing the top gas recycling blast furnace. He remains in Europe to this day, based in Frankfurt, Germany. In his current position, he uses his technical and operational experience in the steel industry to develop Air Liquide’s tactical and long-term strategies geared toward the steel industry. He is an invited speaker each year at the annual AIST Modern Electric Furnace Steelmaking Training Seminar and the author of 57 technical publications and six patents.