MONDAY, 26 JUNE 2023

10 a.m.   Conference Opening

Ronald Ashburn, Executive Director, Association for Iron & Steel Technology

10:15–11:45 a.m.   Technology Panel I: Digital – Can Data Make Green?

Steelmaking is a digitally driven process that produces not only steel, but also terabytes of data about the highly technological manufacturing process. A panel of experts in industrial software development, artificial intelligence and advanced sensorization will describe how producers can leverage this data via unique digital tools to optimize process and quality for steel production. 

Moderator: Ronald Ashburn, Executive Director, Association for Iron & Steel Technology

    11:45 a.m.–12:30 p.m.   Networking Lunch
12:30–2 p.m.   Technology Panel II: Plant Designs — Concepts for 2030

Steel is not a commodity. It’s an engineered, made-to-measure material which is manufactured economically and to specification with equally sophisticated processes and equipment. In this panel, we’ll hear from leaders in plant engineering and equipment design who will showcase their concepts for the steel plant of 2030.

Moderator: Ronald Ashburn, Executive Director, Association for Iron & Steel Technology

2–3 p.m.   Financing the Steel Industry Transformation: Can Green Make Green?

Roundtable discussion with senior executives of major financial institutions focused on the impact of ESG on lending practices to the global steel industry. The goal of this panel is to gain insights from the investment community in response to the following key questions, among others:

  •  • ​ How does the investment community approach financing legacy steel capacity during a transitionary period?
  •  • ​ What are the qualifications a steel industry investment must meet in order to be considered a “green investment?”
  •  • ​ How do steel industry investments fit into “green” portfolios?
  •  • ​ Can investment returns and “green” investment in fact be coincident?
    3–3:30 p.m.   Networking Break
3:30–4:30 p.m.   Interview with U.S. Policy Representative

U.S. Policy Representative – Speaker TBA

4:30–5 p.m.   Interview with Lourenco Goncalves

Lourenco Goncalves, Vice Chairman, American Iron and Steel Institute; Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Cleveland-Cliffs Inc.

    5 p.m.   Cocktail Reception

8 a.m.   Global Steel Market Outlook: Upheaval in Slow Motion

World Steel Dynamics will present views on the near-term outlook for the steel industry as well as key industry trends for “Steel 2030.”

Philipp Englin, Chief Executive Officer, World Steel Dynamics

8:30–9 a.m.   Interview with Leon Topalian

Leon Topalian, Chairman, American Iron and Steel Institute; Vice Chairman, World Steel Association; Chair, President and Chief Executive Officer, Nucor Corp.

9–9:30 a.m.   Interview with Jeong-Woo Choi

Jeong-Woo Choi, Chairman, World Steel Association; Chief Executive Officer, POSCO-Holdings

    9:30–9:50 a.m.   Networking Break
9:50–10:20 a.m.   Interview with Máximo Vedoya

Máximo Vedoya, Chief Executive Officer, Ternium

10:20–10:45 a.m.   Willy Korf / Ken Iverson Steel Vision Award Ceremony with Barbara Smith

Barbara R. Smith, Chairman, President & CEO, Commercial Metals Company

Recipient of the World Steel Dynamics 31st Willy Korf / Ken Iverson Steel Vision Award. The Award is presented to individuals and groups who have made a major contribution to the steel industry in terms of advancing technology and positive change while promoting goodwill and integrity. The award is conferred by Astrid Korf-Wolman, Willy’s daughter and board chair of the Willy Korf Foundation.  The program will included extended remarks by the award recipient

10:45 a.m.–Noon   Regional Strategies: Aspirations and Realities

Representatives from regional associations participate in a roundtable discussion focused on “Steel 2030” as a vision for their respective regions and the opportunities for collaboration on key issues facing the industry:

  •  • ​ What strategic objectives are setting the priorities for each region: growth, decarbonization, trade protectionism, others?
  •  • ​ How will the implementation of these regional priorities potentially shift the landscape for demand, trade and competitiveness in the years ahead?
  •  • ​ How do you see the competitive global landscape evolving?

Moderator: Edwin Basson, Director General, World Steel Association

    12–1:15 p.m.   Lunch
1:15–1:45 p.m.   Interview with Mark Millett

Mark Millett, Co-Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Steel Dynamics Inc.

1:45–3 p.m.   North American Steel: Forever Electrified?

Roundtable discussion with producers focused on key market trends and strategies to 2030. The panel seeks to highlight the outlook for both the long and flat product market segments with respect to market growth, evolving customer preferences, trade, and the opportunities/challenges that each segment faces with respect to green steelmaking in the decade ahead.

Moderator: Philip Bell, President, Steel Manufacturers Association

3–3:30 p.m.   Interview with Steel Industry Executive

Steel Industry Executive — European Union 

    3:30–4 p.m.   Networking Break
4–4:30 p.m.   Interview with Steel Industry Executive

Steel Industry Executive — Asia

4:30–5:30 p.m.   Green Steel: What Is It, and Who Gets to Decide?

Representatives of coalitions for green steel standards discuss and debate the definition of green steel. With a massive shift toward making steel green well underway, classifying what will and will not be considered green steel remains a moving target. Or does it? Panelists will discuss their views on how to establish these standards and contemplate the key criteria and the role that steel customers might play in establishing them.

    5:45 p.m.   Cocktail Reception

8:30–9:15 a.m.   Global Economic Outlook

Comprehensive macroeconomic forecast focused on the prospects of global economic growth.

Chief Economist, Oxford Economics

9:15–9:45 a.m.   Interview with Yuriy Ryhenkov


Yuriy Ryzhenkov, Chief Executive Officer, Metinvest

    9:45–10:15 a.m.   Networking Break
10:15–11:15 a.m.   Steel Markets 2030: End Users Face Their Own “Paradigm Shifts”

Experts on key steel end-use industries discuss the strategic trends for their respective sectors to 2030 and beyond. Experts discuss the strategic outlook for key end-use markets, such as automotive, construction, oil/gas, etc. The intent is to illuminate the impact of evolving customer specifications, their potential requirements for lower carbon footprint steel products, and the key technological and societal evolutions that will impact steel demand over the coming decade.

11:15 a.m.–12:15 p.m.   Energy 2030: “Power Up” or “Rolling Blackouts?”

In-depth conversation on the evolution of the global energy supply chain, developments of hydrogen resources, and the overall impact on global steelmaking. The moderator will lead a roundtable discussion regarding the outlook for green energy technology and its ability to keep up with the demands of the rapidly decarbonizing steel sector.

  •  • ​ When does green hydrogen go from myth to reality at scale?
  •  • ​ Did the recent energy crisis stunt or accelerate the green energy transformation?<
  •  • ​ Can renewable capacity keep up or is nuclear the real answer?

Please Note: This schedule is tentative and subject to change