• MSTS 201: Steelmaking

    Presents the dynamic state of steelmaking technology and the significance of steel production for economic growth. ►More Information

    MSTS 201: Steelmaking
  • MSTS 202: Steel Shaping & Treating

    Intended as an introduction to the processing of steel products for industry professionals. ►More Information

    MSTS 202: Steel Shaping & Treating
  • Plant Tour

    Get a close-up look at the latest technology and industry processes.

    Plant Tour

International Steel Academy

Fundamental Principles — Practical Knowledge

The AIST International Steel Academy provides world-class instruction focused on the fundamental elements required to produce quality steel products in today’s economy. The individual Making, Shaping and Treating of Steel (MSTS) courses range from the introductory MSTS 101, Steelmaking (MSTS 201), and Steel Shaping and Treating (MSTS 202). The Practical Level (MSTS 300) courses provide more detailed instruction on Ironmaking, Steelmaking, Continuous Casting, Flat Products and Long Products. Advanced Level (MSTS 400 series) topics explore specialized topics such as Advanced High-Strength Sheet Steel Production.