International Steel Academy

MSTS 201: Steelmaking

The AIST International Steel Academy course MSTS 201: Steelmaking is intended as an introduction to the origin and sourcing of steelmaking raw materials and the fundamentals of melting, refining and solidification of steel. World-class manufacturing pursues excellence in quality, technology, efficiency, sustainability and innovation. An educated workforce knowledgeable in the fundamentals of raw materials, equipment, technology and operations is critical to achieving world-class steel production. This course, developed from experiences in academia, operations and research, also presents the dynamic state of steelmaking technology and the significance of steel production for economic growth.

Today’s steel industry is teeming with innovation and advanced technology. Many of the breakthroughs are the result of experienced personnel who have merged hard work with efficiency and opportunity. Young professionals, devoid of the industry experience beneficial to developing new technologies, must rely on the steelmaking curriculum from academic institutions, which in recent years has waned. The MSTS 201: Steelmaking course merges practical industry experiences with advanced metallurgical concepts of smelting, refining and solidification. While many courses focus on steel as the material, the MSTS 201 curriculum broadens the scope to include the ancillary, supporting technologies critical to steelmaking, such as environmental aspects, equipment technology, production scheduling and control systems. The various subjects are presented in a manner that makes complex concepts understandable to non-experts.