International Steel Academy

MSTS 202: Steel Shaping and Treating

The AIST International Steel Academy course MSTS 202: Steel Shaping and Treating is, first and foremost, intended as an introduction to the processing of steel products for industry professionals. Economic leadership requires constant attention to quality improvements, technological process innovations and breakthrough materials research. This has resulted in many new steel processing developments to meet the requirements related to steel applications, and a sustained industry-based effort in steel innovation. The course, which brings together decades of internationally recognized efforts acquired in the industry and at academic institutions, also reflects the vitality and the global nature of steel product and processing innovation.

At a time when considerable progress is being made to improve both steel production technologies and the understanding of basic materials science essential to the design of advanced ferrous materials, there is also a marked global trend in the lessening of interest in steel products and processing research at academic institutions. This evolution has had serious consequences for young professionals starting careers in the steel industry, as their general knowledge about steel and its processing is now less extensive than in the past. The course merges advanced steel metallurgy concepts and principles of state-of-the-art steel processing technologies. The course also focuses on important topics that play an essential role in current steel processing and product development. The various subjects are presented in a manner that makes complex concepts understandable to non-experts.