International Steel Academy

MSTS 410: Advanced Aspects of Advanced High-Strength Steel Production

Steel is a truly ubiquitous material. It is used to manufacture a wide range of products. In most applications, steel is used to satisfy requirements for components that have a specific level of strength, toughness, creep resistance, fatigue life, etc. The focus of this course is the strength of steel products, more specifically modern high- and ultrahigh-strength steel grades. It will provide a clearer understanding of the theory and fundamental aspects of various strengthening mechanisms used in steel products and translate these fundamentals into useful engineering information. Tools on how to calculate the mechanical properties of steel, taking into account the processing aspects in the steel design, will be presented, as well as how these tools can be used by means of practical examples.

Steel industry professionals with positions in research, product quality assessment, key production facilities and marketing. It is assumed that an attendee will have an elementary knowledge of materials science, as some notions of the fundamentals of steel physical metallurgy will be used throughout the sessions.   
Supporting Textbook
Introduction to the Mechanical Properties of Steel, B.C. De Cooman, K. Findley, AIST ©2017