Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Forum for the Steel Industry

Digital transformation is a critical component for steel companies’ future success — a broad concept with the potential to influence all aspects of the steelmaking process! We are seeking presenters for the third Digital Transformation Forum to be held 14-16 March 2022 in Indianapolis, Ind., USA. 

We are interested in presentations on use cases for any of the following areas:
  • Machine-learning applications in the steel industry.
  • Under-the-cover techniques of machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  • Artificial intelligence application in the steel industry (maintenance, inspection, prediction).
  • Digital transformation solutions in environmental systems.
  • Digital transformation solutions in health and safety programs.
  • Cybersecurity challenges and best practices.
  • How to incorporate sensors (e.g., such as edge devices, new types of smarter sensors).
  • Novel use case of robotics in the steel industry.
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and novel use cases.
  • Challenges and lessons learned from integrating IIoT into a steel facility.
  • Advanced visual aid technologies and novel use cases.
  • Augmented reality/Virtual reality/Mixed Reality applications including virtual training.
  • The use of digital twins for the steel industry (e.g., what is different from previous simulation technologies).
  • Any other Industry 4.0 novel use cases in the steel industry (e.g., logistics, Robot Process Automation (RPA) applications).
Please remember presentations are to be informative in nature without commercialism. The deadline for your submission is 25 October 2021.  The responses will be reviewed by the Digital Transformation Core Team Committee and selections will be made.

Thank you,
Core Digital Transformation Planning Committee
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