Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Forum for the Steel Industry

7–10 October 2024 • Embassy Suites Downtown • Pittsburgh, PA, USA

We are seeking panelists for two new roundtable sessions at the upcoming Digital Transformation Forum for the Steel Industry, scheduled for 8–9 October 2024 in Pittsburgh, Pa., USA. The forum will bring together producers and vendors to discuss the latest developments and trends in digital transformation within the steel industry.
It is widely recognized that embracing digital transformation is a critical component for steel companies’ future success. Based on past Forum attendee feedback on having a greater opportunity for attendee questions and dialogue on important digitalization topics, we are seeking panelists for the following two roundtables:

  1. Predictive Maintenance

  2. Digitalization and Safety

The roundtables will be composed of both producers and vendors. As an industry leader, your insights and expertise would be a valuable contribution to the discussion.
For the predictive maintenance topic, here are some possible areas of discussion:

  • The value of predictive maintenance to the business

  • Challenges or barriers to success

  • Cloud vs. edge technologies

  • Wireless vs. wired sensors

  • Internally developed vs. vendor-provided platforms for data ingest and analytics

  • Data science techniques or methodologies

For the safety topic, here are some possible areas of discussion:

  • Automation and robotics

  • Computer vision and artificial intelligence

  • Advanced analytics

  • The human aspect/privacy concerns

The forum is a great opportunity to network with other leaders in the industry that are working to advance technology. Please let us know if you are interested in participating as a panelist.

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