About AIST

Presenter Information


  • You will not need to provide your own laptop. AIST will provide a dell laptop, however, AIST will not have your presentation on-site. If you feel your presentation will not be compatible with the lap top provided, please feel free to bring and use your own.

  • AIST will provide: a wireless lavaliere microphone, a data projector, a mixer (for presentation sound, if needed) and a laser pointer. 


  • The PowerPoint presentation should be emailed to your conference Planning representative. If you are not able to submit as a PowerPoint then a pdf will be accepted with (2) slides per page. If the attachment is too large to send please contact AIST for other options.

  • COMMERCIAL REFERENCES ARE NOT PERMITTED. Company logos may appear on the first and last page only – all others will be removed for printing. Please get approval in advance for exceptions if your company requires a standard template.

  • GRAPHICS: Simple line drawings, graphics, and photos are preferable. Graphics with dark backgrounds and reproductions of CRT screens are not recommended. Photographs should be of high contrast and clarity.

  • PLACEMENT OF GRAPHICS: All artwork should be incorporated into the text as it will be included within the lecture.

  • PRINTING: Workbooks are printed in black and white. Please do not use BLACK or DARK BACKGROUNDS on the presentation submitted for print. The best suggestion is a lighter background with dark lettering.

  • PAPER: If you will be submitting a paper in addition or in lieu of a PowerPoint presentation please contact AIST for these guidelines.


  • Presentations should match the document submitted for the attendees’ workbook (both in content and in order).

  • Do not use a slide unless you can read everything on it, without enlargement, at your normal reading distance.

  • Ensure appropriate contrast between background and text/graphics and do not use soft colors on slides because they do not project well.

  • Maintain a clear and well-organized focus during the presentation.

  • Define all acronyms and try to show both English and metric units.

  • Do not speak too fast and do not read your slides. Avoid speaking with a monotone pitch.