Past Events

Steel Mill Combustion and Thermal Systems

The Energy & Utilities Technology Committee (EUTC) held the Steel Mill Combustion and Thermal Systems specialty training conference, in Pittsburgh, Pa., on 16–18 November 2012. Brian Kelly from Hauck Manufacturing Co., conference chair, opened the conference by providing a history of the EUTC and the development of this conference. He encouraged those attending to become part of the EUTC and also to give feedback on the conference. The session topics ranged from combustion and burner fundamentals, combustion hardware, flow metering, pipe flow and piping systems, to controls and instrumentation. On the second day, air fuel control, combustions system maintenance, troubleshooting and combustion safety, combustion NOx and CO2 emissions, energy efficiency and economics, and e-Solutions were covered. The presenters came from various steel producers and suppliers to the steel industry. Throughout the conference, there were many impromptu discussions concerning real-world, in-plant problems encountered and potential solutions. The attendees gave positive feedback and provided input for future versions of this conference. In addition, the networking opportunities among attendees was highly valued.