Past Events

Safety and Health Conference: New Technology and Innovations

1. Matt Moore (second from left) was presented with a plaque of appreciation from Pat McCon (to the right of Moore) for hosting a tour of Gerdau Cartersville Mill during the 2013 Safety and Health Conference (left to right): Jim Alesia, Moore, McCon, Robbie Woods, Malcom Dunbar and Barry Momyer. 2. The 2012 Don B. Daily Memorial Fund Grant recipients presented their work at the 2013 Health and Safety Conference (left to right): Adam Resnick, Fred Karsten and Dr. Joseph Musto from Milwaukee School of Engineering; Eric Marks from Georgia Institute of Technology; and Duncan Estep, Josh LaBonte and Cheryl Fisher from Lorain County Community College. 3. Safety and Health Conference presenters (left to right): Pat McCon, Robbie Woods, Butch Collins, Debbie Chavis, Jim Alesia, Ian Sadler, Jim Gaskell, Joanne Zaraliakos, Dave Fowler and Malcom Dunbar.

The 2013 Safety and Health Conference was held in Atlanta, Ga., on 10–12 September 2013. Ian Sadler, MCC International Inc., was the keynote speaker, whose address was titled “Being a Great Safety Leader.” Malcom Dunbar, Edward C. Levy Co., and 2013 Don B. Daily Award winner, presented, “Safety Leadership and Mobile Equipment,” followed by Jim Gaskell, Crown Equipment Corp., who presented, “Improving Operator OSHA Compliance and Safety With the Use of Technology.” Dave Fowler, Personal Safety Training Inc., presented, “Workplace Violence Prevention,” using hands-on role playing with the attendees.
Three 2012 Don B. Daily Memorial Fund grant recipients made presentations about their safety projects. Lorain County Community College presented, “Arc Flash Considerations Power Retrofit of Republic Steel.” The Milwaukee School of Engineering presented, “Design of an Active Warning System for Fall Protection.” Georgia Institute of Technology presented, “Field Trials of Real-Time Proactive Warning and Alert Technology,” to conclude the university participation of the conference.
Other presenters included Joanne Zaraliakos, U. S. Steel Canada; Debbie Chavis, Gerdau Calvert City Mill; and Butch Collins, Gallatin Steel. Collins presented, “Wellness and Home Safety,” which highlights safety culture where safety is emphasized to the employee’s family. Matt Moore, Gerdau Cartersville Mill, discussed Gerdau’s in-plant safety walkways and how safety cultures need everyone’s participation. Collins and Jim Alesia, Steel Dynamics Inc., presented their companies’ programs for safety maintenance and work requests, which provide guidelines for plant workers and contracted workers for each assignment.
The Safety & Health Technology Committee has decided to offer a conference with hands-on workshops and safety exercises in September 2015.
This year’s Don B. Daily Award for best safety presentation will be presented to Butch Collins, Gallatin Steel, at AISTech 2014 in Indianapolis, Ind., USA.