Past Events

The Making, Shaping and Treating of Steel: 101
(MSTS: 101)

The instructors for MSTS: 101 were Bob Greuter (left) and Ron O’Malley (right).

MSTS: 101 was held in Birmingham, Ala., on 4–7 March 2013. Ron O’Malley of Nucor Steel–Decatur LLC presented the “Making” portion of the course on the first day, which included the history of the industry, ironmaking, steelmaking, rudimentary metallurgy and casting. Bob Greuter of Danieli Corp. presented the “Shaping” and “Treating” portions on the second day, which included rolling, coating and defect detection. Attendees of the course toured CMC Steel Alabama’s facility to reinforce what they had learned in the classroom.

Gavin Noel (front left) was presented with a plaque of appreciation by Shannon Kiley, manager — meeting services, AIST (front right), for hosting the tour of CMC Steel Alabama during the MSTS: 101 conference.