Past Events

Pipe and Tube — A Practical Training Seminar

1. Presenters on the first day of Pipe and Tube — A Practical Training Seminar included (left to right): David Johnson, Hilton Prejean, Al Klimas, Lesley Frame, Ray Miller, Susan Conley, Keith Tuma, Steve Jansto, Hartwig Hiestermann and Jack Srail. 2. Presenters on the second day of Pipe and Tube — A Practical Training Seminar included (left to right): David Johnson, Meghan Hodge, Hilton Prejean, Lesley Frame, Keith Tuma, Brian Kellogg and Susan Conley.
David Johnson presented a plaque of appreciation to Raymond Fryan for his keynote presentation at Pipe and Tube — A Practical Training Seminar (left to right): Susan Conley, Pipe & Tube Technology Committee (PTTC) education co-chair; David Johnson, PTTC education co-chair; Fryan; Keith Tuma, PTTC chair; and Jon Roman, PTTC vice chair.

Conference Details: 28 September–1 October 2015, Cleveland, Ohio, USA 

Conference Highlights: There were 62 participants at this second annual conference. Raymond Fryan, vice president technology and quality, TimkenSteel Corp., was the keynote speaker. He emphasized the challenge of leveraging the steel properties in pipe and tube technology while making them a more valuable product for the end user. 

Ray Miller of TMK IPSCO presented “Steelmaking Operations for Pipe and Tube.” He discussed casting solidifications concepts. Steve Jansto, CBMM North America Inc., addressed the hot rolling aspects for pipe and tube production. Energy pipeline segment applications, structural steels for wind tower production, carbon levels with pipe chemistry and hot mill operations were just a few of the areas addressed.

Hartwig Hiestermann of Danieli W + K presented ERW operations for pipe, which included safety innovations with process line requirements and safety zone areas. Automation trends were highlighted. Al Klimas of SMS Meer GmbH presented “Seamless Pipe and Tube Operations for the Energy Markets.” Current seamless production is now at a low level domestically. 

Jack Srail of Fives Bronx Ltd. presented “Pipe Straightening 101,” in which it was noted that a cross-roll straightener is the most effective straightening process. The last presenter on the first day was Dave Anderson of InfoSight Corp., who discussed the use of bar codes in identifying pipe and tube products. The first successful North American installation using bar codes was in 1986 at a seam-less mill in Canada. The evening concluded with a dinner with the AIST Northeastern Ohio Member Chapter. 

The second day’s program began with Brian Kellogg, Quaker Chemical Corp., whose presentation included hazard descriptions, chemical classifications, pictograms used in the Globally Harmonized System, and health hazards. Lesley Frame of Thermatool Corp. presented “High-Frequency Welding Fundamentals,” which covered welding parameters, welding methods, solid-state welding and raw material microstructures. 

Next, Meghan Hodge from Axalta Coating Systems presented “Line Pipe Coating Systems.” External pipeline corrosion, coating densities, internal coatings and multiple-layered coatings were discussed. Hilton Prejean from NOV Tuboscope presented “NDT — Electromagnetic Inspection Systems,” which covered API standards and inspections throughout the pipe manufacturing process. 

James Lary of Corrpro Companies Inc. presented “Cathodic Protection of Oil and Gas Piping Systems.” Cathodic protection is involved in new structures and retrofits to existing structures. Lesley Frame presented “Metallurgy of Heat Treated Tubing and Casting.” Discussion points included steel metallurgy, induction heating, post-weld treatment and heat treatment processes.

The final day began with Jack Srail of Fives Group, who presented “Hydrotesting of Pipe.” The sequence of operations is critical. Issues for hydrotesting are time constraints, pipe lengths and water flowrates. The next presentation, “Protecting Line Pipe During Transportation and Storage,” was given by Prithwin Varghese of Dhatec, a ShawCor company. The line pipe transport business was discussed, specifically pipe storage challenges, storage solutions, transport solutions and preservation challenges. Tom Campbell of LAP Laser LLC discussed lasers and sensors. The last presenter was Bob Garland from Tetra Technologies Inc., who provided an overview of local and national hydraulic fracturing operations today. 

The training seminar concluded with a tour of TimkenSteel Corp. – Gambrinus Plant’s seamless pipe operations in Canton, Ohio, USA. The next Pipe and Tube — A Practical Training Seminar will be held on 25–28 September 2017.