Past Events

2015 Safety and Health Conference

The 2015 Safety and Health Conference was held in Indianapolis, Ind., USA, on 1–3 September 2015. A new approach to the conference program was utilized, and it was well received. 

Barry Schneider, vice president bar products, Steel Dynamics Inc. – Engineered Bar Products Div., was the keynote speaker, who opened the seminar with “Risk and Accident Propensity.” Schneider provided a corporate-level perspective on safety and health programs. 

A variety of subjects was presented to inform attendees of safety innovations with large material handling equipment such as payloaders, slag haulers, and raw material and steel finished goods transportation vehicles. In-process material movement with forklifts has improved the ability to record equipment movement while monitoring equipment maintenance issues on a 

real-time basis. Fall protection was addressed, specifically the new U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration mandate that any workplace area over 4 feet now requires some form of fall protection. New designs for body harnesses and lanyards were also presented. Advancements in hearing protection now afford the employee a device to effectively guard against hearing loss by using a custom-fit ear plug.

Purdue University Calumet presented “Interactive Incident Visualization for Steel Industry Safety Training,” which provided a 3D re-enactment of an accident for training purposes. All types of crane movement were presented, and guidelines were provided to ensure safe crane operations. The newest form of personal protective equipment was discussed to show what is available for today’s steelworker. Beth Gonzalez, Indiana Department of Labor, presented “Voluntary Protection Program: Becoming Friends With Indiana OSHA.” She described the state of Indiana’s policy to reach out to all manufacturing companies by offering support to improve their safety programs before an incident occurs. 

The day concluded with a plant tour of Steel Dynamics Inc. – Engineered Bar Producst Div., where the tour covered the casting facilities, rolling mill and finishing operations.

1. Barry Momyer, AIST Safety & Health Technology Committee chair, recognized the presenters on the first day of the 2015 Safety and Health Conference who included (left to right): Malcom Dunbar, Joanne Zaraliakos, Momyer, Matt Moore, Adam Parr, Brad Bray, Steve Kosch, Jack Moreland and Jim Gaskell. 2. Brad Bray presented Barry Schneider with a plaque of appreciation for serving as keynote speaker at the Safety and Health Conference (left to right): Joanne Zaraliakos, SHTC vice chair; Bray, SHTC education chair; Schneider; Malcom Dunbar, SHTC papers chair; and Barry Momyer. 3. Presenters on the second day of the conference included (left to right): Mike Stultz, Brad Bray, Dawn Flinn and Michael Rood.