Past Events

Specialty Alloy and Foundry — A Practical Training Seminar

The 2015 Specialty Alloy and Foundry training seminar was held in Monroeville, Pa., USA, on 20–23 July. Carpenter Latrobe Operations served as plant host. There were 47 attendees who participated in this biennial training seminar. Presentations were given by Raymond Monroe  of Steel Founders’ Society of America, David McLaughlin of Carpenter Latrobe Operations, Dennis Rodal of ELG Haniel Metals Corp., Tom Kantor of Carpenter Latrobe Operations, Mark Kohler of Ajax Lectrotherm, David Kundrat of SGL Carbon and Andrew Bollenberg of ELG Haniel Metals Corp. The first day concluded with a presenter panel discussion and reception.

The second day started with a presentation by James Conrad of Fedmet, followed by Andrew Pinskey of Holland Manufac-turing Corp. Raymond Monroe gave a presentation on induction processes, which was followed by Allen Chan of Praxair Inc. Mark Suer of Special Metals Corp. gave two presentations, and the seminar was then concluded by Raymond Monroe. 

The next day, a tour of Carpenter Latrobe Operations was hosted by AIST Specialty Alloy & Foundry Technology Committee (SAFTC) vice chair Tom Kantor. The tour consisted of the scrap and raw material areas, along with the melting furnace and finishing operations involved in producing specialty steels. 

The 2017 Specialty Alloy and Foundry Seminar will be held in Huntsville, Ala., USA. The SAFTC will hold its first study tour in England on 19–25 June 2016. Contact Pat Philbin at AIST at for further information about this study tour.

Presenters at Specialty Alloy and Foundry — A Practical Training Seminar included (left to right): David Kundrat, Andy Pinskey, Allen Chan, Andrew Bollenberg, Dennis Rodal, Raymond Monroe, John Middleton, Mark Suer and Tom Kantor. 2. Raymond Monroe (left) presented a plaque of appreciation to Tom Kantor (right), Carpenter Latrobe Operations meltshop manager, for hosting a tour of Carpenter Latrobe Operations during Specialty Alloy and Foundry — A Practical Training Seminar.