Past Events

Steel Mill Combustion and Thermal Systems

Conference Details: 13–15 October 2015, Indianapolis, Ind., USA

Attendees view a presentation at Steel Mill Combustion and Thermal Systems, which was held 13–15 October 2015 in Indianapolis, Ind., USA.

Conference Highlights: Topics on the first day covered combustion fundamentals, flow metering, pipe flow and piping system design. The topic of combustion was further explored — from combustion safety standards utilizing burner management systems and troubleshooting, to maintenance of systems, combustion control components, and sensor and diagnostic tools. 

The second day began with a questionnaire that focused on the topics from the first day. After that, the training continued, starting with an explanation of heat recovery systems, recuperaters and regenerative systems. The effects of oxy-fuel combustion were then explored, and topics of environmental emissions, furnace refractory energy efficiency and economics were presented in great detail to give a complete overview of factors to be considered. In addition to the presentations, actual combustion case studies were reviewed by the group. 

The conclusion of the two-day training session included a questionnaire focusing on topics from the second day’s subjects as well as an interactive discussion on the topics covered over the entire course. The attendees received a very thorough overview of issues pertaining to steel mill thermal and combustion systems. 

The conference also included two evening receptions where attendees had opportunities to network with others, as well as ask specific questions of the presenters/experts from the conference.

The next Steel Mill Combustion and Thermal Systems conference will be in March 2017 and will tentatively be located in Birmingham, Ala., USA.