Past Events

The Making, Shaping and Treating of Steel: 101

The Making, Shaping and Treating of Steel: 101 training course was held in Hamilton, Ont., Canada, on 15–17 September 2015. More than 40 participants representing 27 companies attended the three-day seminar, which aimed to give professionals in the steel industry a technical overview of the chemistry, processes, and engineering behind the making, shaping and treating of steel.

On Tuesday, 15 September, Ron O’Malley of Missouri University of Science and Technology kicked off the first half of the course. After a brief summation of the industry today, the lecture detailed the physical and chemical reactions behind the creation of iron and steel and how different methods and additions can alter the properties of the final product. Topics discussed included BOF and EAF steelmaking, ladle metallurgy and continuous casting.

The second half of the course began on Wednesday, 16 September, and was taught by Robert Greuter, director services, long product — services USA, Danieli Corp. This portion of the class was devoted to the forming, processing and application of steel. Attendees learned about different types of end products, standards for steel grades, the mechanics of hot and cold rolling, and defect testing methods. The final portion of the class described the function of downstream processes such as heat treatment and galvanizing. 

The course concluded on Thursday, 17 September, with a tour of ArcelorMittal Dofasco Inc. Attendees drove through the primary steelmaking operation and toured the hot rolling operations, galvanizing line and coil storage center. 

Attendees of MSTS: 101 got to see the first BOF furnace in North America at ArcelorMittal Dofasco Inc. in Hamilton, Ont., Canada, during their tour of the facility on Thursday, 17 September.