Past Events

Continuous Casting — A Practical Training Seminar

The 10th annual Continuous Casting — A Practical Training Seminar was held in Indianapolis, Ind., USA, on 20–23 October 2014. There were 98 attendees that participated this year. Topics covered during the seminar included caster breakouts, bearings in continuous casting, sources of reoxidation, caster hydraulics and mold design. A panel discussion with the following panelists concluded the presentations: Jeff Brower, Bill Schlichting, Ron O’Malley, Rick Besich and Ian Deeks. The seminar concluded with two tour options: Nucor Steel–Indiana or Steel Dynamics Inc. – Engineered Bar Div., the host plants for the seminar. The 2015 Continuous Casting — A Practical Training Seminar will be held on 12–15 October 2015 in Charleston, S.C., USA. Nucor Steel–Berkeley will serve as host plant.

1. Presenters on the first day of Continuous Casting — A Practical Training Seminar included (left to right): Bill Emling, SMS Siemag; Jeff Brower, Siemens Industry Inc.; Ron O’Malley, Missouri University of Science and Technology; Bill Schlichting, U. S. Steel Research and Technology Center; Jack Young, Hatch Ltd.; Dewey Humes, SMS Siemag; Walt Antos, Siemens Industry Inc.; and Brian Thomas, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 2.Presenters on the second day included (left to right): Bill Schlichting; Ian Bakshi, KME America Inc.; Mark Cook, Yates Industries Inc.; Warren Doerner, SKF USA Inc.; Chad Donovan, SMS Millcraft; and Jeff Brower. 3. Seminar roundtable panelists included (left to right) Ian Deeks, Nucor Steel–South Carolina; Ron O’Malley; Bill Schlichting; and Rick Besich, ArcelorMittal. Standing: Jeff Brower. 4. Rick Besich (left) presented Gerry Gillen (right), Nucor Steel–Indiana, with a plaque of appreciation for hosting a tour of Nucor Steel–Indiana (left to right): Mike Meade, Bob Bennett, Besich, Gillen, Mickey Bovin and Heather Creely. 5. Ron O’Malley (right) presented a plaque of appreciation to Dan Keown (left) for hosting a tour of Steel Dynamics Inc. – Engineered Bar Div. during Continuous Casting — A Practical Training Seminar.