Past Events

21st Annual AIST Crane Symposium

The 21st Annual AIST Crane Symposium was held on 8–10 June 2014 in Pittsburgh, Pa., USA. The 242 attendees represented plant maintenance staff; applications, electrical, mechanical, safety, service and design engineers; operations and maintenance personnel and management; and suppliers of parts, equipment and services to the industry.

The AIST Crane Symposium continued its tradition of representing the whole spectrum of the electric overhead traveling (EOT) crane industry. One hundred thirty-one attendees were crane users representing 36 companies from 56 different facilities. The crane user group was composed of steel — both carbon and stainless; aluminum; titanium metals; shipbuilding and power companies; the Navy Crane Center; and the U.S. Army. The balance of the attendees represented crane manufacturers; engineering companies that perform engineering design services for cranes, buildings and runways; companies that handle crane rail products, designs and accessories and electrical collector systems; crane wheel manufacturing and wheel flange lubrication system companies; companies that inspect, service, maintain and repair cranes; electrical control manufacturing companies; and below-the-hook designers and manufacturers. There were also attendees from Purdue University – Calumet and the University of Alabama. International attendees came from Argentina, Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia and Spain.

The program included 22 presentations on safe work practices and ergonomics; electrical, mechanical and structural maintenance techniques; crane inspection technologies; and best practices in EOT crane modernizations. Eight crane users prepared presentations on case studies undertaken, improvements achieved, or new maintenance practices discovered. The balance of the presentations were given by industry suppliers regarding new technology, new and innovative products, and expert technical expertise to move the crane industry forward.

As part of the program, the 2014 AIST Crane Innovator of the Year Award, which recognizes the individual who has brought forth the latest in technology, or increased efficiencies in operational and maintenance practices for the continuous improvement of heavy industrial cranes, was presented to Kevin Ormanoski of Nucor Steel Memphis Inc. Ormanoski received this award for his installation of ladle crane cabs at Nucor Steel Memphis Inc. to create a safe, comfortable and efficient working environment for crane operators by using sustainable equipment that required minimum maintenance.

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1. Attendees of the 21st Annual Crane Symposium (left to right): Josh Dodge, Gary Davis, Mike Brass and Kristen Wall. 2. Bin Wu from Purdue University – Calumet presented work from the Center for Innovation Through Visualization and Simulation. 3. Attendees of the 21st Annual Crane Symposium viewed 22 presentations over the course of the program. 4. Attendees of the 21st Annual Crane Symposium (left to right): Gabriel Manero, Srini Punukollu and Diego Martin.