Past Events

Hot Flat Rolling Fundamentals — A Practical Training Seminar

Hot Flat Rolling Fundamentals — A Practical Training Seminar in conjunction with Plate Rolling Fundamentals Training was held in Charleston, S.C., USA, at The Francis Marion Hotel on 2–6 March 2014. The four-day conference, which included a tour of Nucor Steel–Berkeley, was sold out with more than 170 attendees. The first day began with a focus on safety and continued with the history of hot rolling, metallurgical basics and the applications of fundamentals to hot rolled processing/products. Presentations regarding the reheat furnace and roughing mill areas concluded the first day. The second day included presentations on the finishing mill through runout tables. The plate rolling track broke out from the hot rolling group for presentations unique to plate rolling, while the hot rolling track continued its programming. The final day included presentations on downcoilers, rolls and roll shops.

The conference gave attendees an overview of hot rolling of both strip and plate. The course covered the fundamentals, metallurgy, quality requirements, equipment, rolling theory, control, rolls, temperature control, measurement, safety and new technology. Attendees left the course with a better understanding of the basic metallurgy involved, different types of products and their attributes, types of mills and equipment used, the theory of rolling, the latest technologies involved in hot rolling, safety aspects, production measures and more. 

1. Eric Thokar, Siemens Industry Inc., gave a presentation during the plate rolling track at Hot Flat Rolling Fundamentals — A Practical Training Seminar in conjunction with Plate Rolling Fundamentals Training. 2. There were more than 170 attendees at the conference, which was held on 2–6 March.