Past Events

Ladle Refractory and Secondary Steelmaking —
A Practical Training Seminar

The 2014 Ladle Refractory and Secondary Steelmaking — A Practical Training Seminar was held on 6–9 October in Indianapolis, Ind., USA. There were 82 attendees, and Nucor Steel–Indiana was the host plant. Gerry Gillen, meltshop metallurgist, Nucor Steel–Indiana, was the keynote speaker. Presentations on the first day included: 

  • “Raw Materials, Brick and Monolithics,” by Ruth Engel, Refractory Consulting Services.

  • “Insulation and Ladle Construction Design,” by Rob Doty, IMACRO Inc.

  • “Safety Then and Now,” by John Panconi, Bisco Refractories.

  • “Stir Plugs, Lances and Slidegates,” by Carl Corbin, Vesuvius USA.

  • “Tap-to-Cast Operations,” by Harriet Dutka, Magnesita Refractories.

  • “Refractory Materials Testing,” by Dawn Mandich, U. S. Steel Research and Technology Center.

The second day started with the secondary steelmaking process, with a presentation by Helmut Oltmann, Nucor Steel–Berkeley. Kevin Cotchen, SMS Siemag LLC, followed with “Secondary Steelmaking Vacuum Treatments.” The seminar concluded with a panel discussion with the following panelists: Harriet Dutka, Kevin Cotchen, Rob Doty and John Panconi. Jimmy Barrett served as moderator. A tour of Nucor Steel–Indiana followed the panel discussion. Next year’s training seminar will be on 5–8 October 2015 in Memphis, Tenn., USA, with Nucor Steel Memphis Inc. serving as host plant.

1. The Ladle Refractory and Secondary Steelmaking Training Seminar included a panel discussion (left to right, seated): Rob Doty, Kevin Cotchen, Harriet Dutka and John Panconi, with moderator Jimmy Barrett (standing, middle). 2. Steve Ryan, melting day supervisor, Nucor Steel–Indiana, received a plaque of appreciation for hosting a plant tour during the seminar (left to right): Jessica Yurko, AIST; Ryan; and Jimmy Barrett, AIST Ladle & Secondary Refining Technology Committee education chair. 3. Jimmy Barrett presented a plaque of appreciation to Gerry Gillen, meltshop metallurgist, Nucor Steel–Indiana, for serving as keynote speaker (left to right): Carl Corbin, Harriet Dutka, Jimmy Barrett, John Panconi, Gerry Gillen, Rob Doty, Ruth Engel and Dawn Mandich.