Past Events

Maintenance Solutions

The AIST Maintenance & Reliability Technology Committee (MRTC) and Lubrication & Hydraulics Technology Committee (LHTC) held a joint specialty training conference on 15–17 September 2014 in Pittsburgh, Pa., USA. There were approximately 120 attendees. This workshop-based training seminar provided attendees hands-on instruction, tools and interaction with producer representatives. The presentations and discussions highlighted the best available technologies for mechanical, electrical, lubrication, hydraulic system movement, system maintenance and reliability solutions. With specialized tracks of presentations, a wide range of topics was covered, including: life cycle engineering; system reliability; equipment optimization; lubrication and hydraulics fundamentals/testing covering mechanical, electrical, lubrication; and hydraulic components and systems. 

Recent Reliability Achievement Award winners also presented their projects. The conference included a roundtable discussion in which attendees could pose discussion topics and questions to a panel of experts in the wide range of topics covered.

The conference concluded with a Jeopardy® game in which the attendees competed against one another by answering questions pertaining to the presentations given during the course. At the conclusion of the second day, the group developed a trip report, which summarized the key points of each presentation, to serve as a useful reference for the attendees when back on the job. The conference ended with a tour of TMK IPSCO, Koppel Plant. 

1. Right to left: Winners of the conference Jeopardy® game (right to left): Robert Hensel, Ellwood Quality Steels; Travis Fisher, Nucor SteelUtah; Mark Maldeney, Steel Dynamics Inc.; Leon Denson, Steel Dynamics Inc. – Roanoke Bar Div.; John Reno, SSAB Iowa Inc.; Shaun Dilney, Stupp Corp.; and Matt Sterner, Steel Dynamics Inc. – Roanoke Bar Div. 2. The Maintenance Solutions conference was held on 15–17 September 2014 in Pittsburgh, Pa., USA. 3. Lubrication & Hydraulics Technology Committee vice chair, Dan Housel (left), California Steel Industries Inc., presented a plaque of appreciation to Jerry Heathcock (right), TMK IPSCO Koppel Plant, for hosting the conference plant tour. 4. Conference attendees toured TMK IPSCO Koppel Plant.