Past Events

Continuous Casting — A Practical Training 

Conference Details: 17–20 October 2016, Memphis, Tenn., USA

Conference Highlights: There were 100 attendees at the 13th annual Continuous  Casting  Training Seminar. A historic perspective of casting operations since the 1970s was presented by Jack Young, Hatch Ltd., which depicted the evolution of continuous casting and casting technology. Brian Thomas, Colorado School of Mines, discussed initial solidification and oscillation mark formation during continuous casting.
Casting secondary cooling water treatment concepts were presented by Ron O’Malley, Missouri University of Science and Technology, who addressed sources of reoxidation in liquid steel and how to avoid reoxidation. Bill Emling, SMS USA LLC, discussed caster breakouts and how to prevent them by thermocouple systems, accelerometer systems, and investigation techniques for caster breakouts. O’Malley concluded the first day by presenting caster quality defects with slab and billet casting. Mold heat transfer, longitudinal cracks, transverse cracks, internal cracks, ductility and inclusions were a few of the points addressed.
The second day concentrated on the maintenance and equipment aspects of continuous casting. Presentations covered mold materials and design, mold and copper maintenance, and coating technologies. Jeff Brower, Continuous Casting Technology Committee (CCTC)  education co-chair, discussed continuous caster rolls and overlay technologies. Operational influences of caster rolls and their maintenance impact were also addressed, as well as new technology with material advancements for overlay rolls, caster bearings, caster hydraulics and cylinders. A key point attendees took away was how preventive maintenance can ensure equipment performance while casting. An effective cylinder reconditioning program was another key point. 
The final presentation was given by Bill Schlichting, CCTC education co-chair, who discussed billet and bloom caster maintenance issues. His presentation began with the quote: “Take care of the mold and the machine will take care of you,” by John Paddock (1997). A few maintenance issues addressed were mold taper, mold’s corner radius, electromagnetic stirring and the importance of water chemistry.
A panel discussion concluded the second day, with the following participants: Rick Besich, ArcelorMittal Indiana Harbor; Ian Deeks, Nucor Steel South Carolina; Bill Schlichting, SKW North America; and Ron O’Malley. Jeff Brower, Primetals Technologies USA LLC, was the moderator.
The next morning, seminar attendees and CCTC members toured Nucor Steel Memphis Inc.’s steelmaking and casting operations. Tony Faulds, plant metallurgist, served as tour host.
The 2017 Continuous Casting Training Seminar will be held in Fort Wayne, Ind., USA, on 16–19 October 2017, with a tour of a nearby Steel Dynamics Inc. facility. Attendees will have the opportunity to choose which type of casting machine they would like to tour at the end of the seminar.

1. Tony Faulds (center), Nucor Steel Memphis Inc., accepted a plaque of appreciation from Rick Besich, CCTC chair, for hosting a tour for attendees of Continuous Casting — A Practical Training Seminar (left to right): Bill Schlichting; Ron O’Malley; Faulds; Besich; Mark Davis, meltshop manager Nucor Steel Memphis Inc.; and Rudolf Moravec. 2. A panel discussion was held during the seminar (left to right): Schlichting, O’Malley, Jeff Brower, Ian Deeks and Besich.